vegan coconut buns

Vegan Coconut Buns

These vegan coconut buns are soft, fluffy and stuffed with a sweet gula melaka infused coconut filling. Made completely by hand. Coconut is the superior filling for sweet baked buns, according to my Malaysian taste buds. I mean come on, freshly shredded coconut simmered down in a fragrant gula melaka syrup and stuffed in soft …

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vegan roti canai

Vegan Roti Canai

“Boss, roti canai satu!” (Roti = bread) This flatbread has many names: roti canai, roti prata, roti kosong (literally translates to “empty bread”), Malaysia’s favourite roti, etc… When I was younger, I would stand by the roti canai man and watch as he skillfully flipped the dough over and over. It seemed effortless, but now …

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vegan black sesame dragon fruit cookies

Black Sesame Dragon Fruit Cookies (Vegan)

Nutty and sweet Vegan Black Sesame Dragon Fruit Cookies. Perfectly crisp around the edges, with a soft and chewy interior. More cookie recipes to try: Vegan Taucu Chocolate Chip Cookies Nian Gao Stuffed Coconut Cookies (Vegan) Melt-In-Your-Mouth Green Pea Cookies (Vegan) Vegan Brown “Butter” Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies